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The Sterling Collection

These cuffs are made using the centuries-old process of forging.  The metal is twisted and hammered to shape, adding strength.  They are oval, as is the wrist, providing a perfect fit. They come in quarter inch increments, suitable for any size wrist, from a petite lady to a large man.


Wide Cuffs

The cuffs are formed in a hydraulic press, and have a smooth, almost liquid appearance.  They vary from 1/2" to 2" wide.  A 3" piece is also available on special order.  They are made from 14-gauge 1/16" thick brass, sterling, copper, 14 or 18K gold.


Copper - Folklore or Fact 

    For years people have believed that the wearing of copper would give them relief from the aches and pains of arthritis.  Moviegoers will remember that John Wayne wore a copper bracelet in many of his westerns.  Golfers have recently discovered them and many of the pros are now wearing bracelets.  It is a well known fact that golfers will do anything to improve their game.

     Does it work?  Like much of folklore there may be an element of truth in it.  The human body has 24 elements in it, one of which is copper.  Could it be that if the body is deficient in one of them, the wearing of copper would bring the body's system back into balance?  That is a plausible explanation.

    A person recently told me that after wearing a bracelet their aches and pains went away, they knocked three strokes off their golf score and had a better luck fishing.  Sounds like good reasons to try one. 

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Just Earrings

Based upon the celestial theme or the moon and star, they will be available in polished sterling or satin finished mixed metals.


Stainless Steel 

An alloy of the 20th century, it will not rust or corrode and will last through the 21 century.  Used in the streamliner trains of the 30's, the St. Louis arch, machine parts and many other items.  It has recently become popular in jewelry.  The above pieces purposely have an industrial look and some will be accented with 18K gold.

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Money Clips and Key Hooks

More info will become available soon.

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